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First inspired by Tim Ferris’ book “4 Hour Work Week” having virtual assistants has become sort of the backbone to my company. I, myself, am a disorganized person. I am more visionary than practical. As a business owner sometimes I need someone to hold my feet on the ground so I don’t leave my head in the clouds.

I find most business owners are like me. We are the brains and drive behind our well-oiled machine but we often have to be the visionaries who are thinking ahead instead of dealing with all the small tasks. Most successful business owners will tell you if you cannot delegate you are dead but who should you delegate your tasks to?

You could hire your own team and hope they are experienced but recruiting is a pain and often times the talent pool, if you aren’t located in a major city, is slim. Further, if you are located in the major city the talent pool is costly. Again, following in Tim Ferris’ footsteps the best way to delegate your business tasks is to hire virtual assistants. At Ruskin Consulting we provide just that; not just to you but also to ourselves.

I would have been burned out years ago if it weren’t for were the talent pool we’ve accumulated here at Ruskin Consulting. Our VA’s are internally tried and battle tested and can provide you and your business the same freedom and growth they have provided me in mine. If you need more convincing pick up the book “4 Hour Work Week” and you’ll completely change your business mindset like I did years ago.