Google AdWords for Nonprofits
We can help your organization by getting you setup with Google Grants which gives you $10,000 of free Google Advertising per month ($120,000 a year).  We are very passionate about helping non-profit organizations get this grant.  Below is how you can sign up, know that if you sign up it will take between 1-3 months to get accepted for this grant.  Keep in mind as a Google Partner, I can help you sign up for this grant and get you this grant in much less time than if you applied for it alone.

How to apply for Google Grant for Nonprofits

  1. Go to: Google for Nonprofits Sign Up Page
  2. You will need the following information available before applying:
    • Employer ID (EIN): ex 12-3456789
    • Organization Name:
    • Street Address:
    • City:
    • State:
    • Zip Code:
    • Organization Phone Number:
    • Organization Website:
    • Mission Statement:
  3. Once you apply you will need to wait 1-3 months before getting the grant.

Grant Approval and Maintenance

After getting the grant you will need to make sure you follow Google’s Advertising Policies or you will LOSE the grant and it is very hard to get it back.  Further, if you do not login to your Google AdWords account regularly they will disable your account.  It is wise, therefore, to login at least weekly to keep your grant active.

Right now, charitable donations in the US are at an all-time high.  With this Google Grant you have the potential to raise tens of thousands of dollars in donations and spread awareness for your organization.  Implementing Google Grants has the potential of bringing in 10,000 to 40,000 new website visitors each month.  This is why it is so important to get Google Grants and to keep it running.

The bad news is according to Google, the average non-profit only spends $330 of their $10,000 ad budget.  AdWords is a technical program and takes a while to learn but the rewards pay off in dividends.  Because of this it is usually best (at least at the beginning) to hire a Google AdWords Professional.  A professional can set up your AdWords account right the first time and help you spend that full $10,000 in grant funds.  They can make sure you follow Google’s Advertising Policies and make sure you keep your grant active.  Further, a professional that works with Google as a Google Partner can get you that grant in much less time than if you applied yourself (usually less than a week), saving you $10,000+ in free advertising.  Let me know any way I can help or if you want me to apply for your Google Grant on your behalf to get you that grant faster.

I would love to help.

Joshua Ruskin

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