Ruskin Consulting Web Dev

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

~ Milan Kundera

PPC marketing is a great form of marketing that can save you money as you look for new ways to increase your website traffic. We can help you achieve higher click through rates and conversions by applying our unique PPC strategies to your business’ marketing efforts.

What is PPC?

PPC is a marketing technique that is used to generate clicks to your website through search engines. These clicks are generated from ads that Google, Bing, or Yahoo are paid to post on their engine specifically for your business.

Why is it important?

PPC Marketing is important to the development of your business as you seek to target your audience in new ways and strengthen your marketing efforts.

  • Creation of ads allows for more tailored searches by your audience
  • You can measure traffic to your site and the quality of that traffic
  • You are rewarded by search engines for having good performance
  • The better your ads, the greater your click through rate, the lower your marketing costs

What can damage PPC?

  1. Ads that are not relevant
  2. Missing a ‘Call to Action”
  3. Broad campaigns and ad groups
  4. Lack of Ad extensions
  5. Search queries that drain your budget

How can we help?

There are certain areas that can go unnoticed when businesses try to manage their own PPC marketing campaigns, that’s where we come in.

We focus on fixing the 5 specific areas that can damage your click through rate:

  1. We remove ads that are not relevant to your business
  2. We create ‘Call to Action’ text that will enhance click through rate
  3. We perform frequent testing for your campaign
  4. We create spreadsheets and block negative keywords that cause unnecessary spending
  5. We research keywords that are specific to your business

You can trust us to enhance your PPC marketing efforts by grow your customer base and generating more leads for your business. We will lower the cost attached to your marketing campaigns and ensure your keyword research is relevant to your industry, more specific, and expansive; encouraging change over time to create more ROI for your business.