Development Manager

When Shane finds a client he goes above and beyond and does everything he can do to help them. In his words, “I’m always in it for the long term. I find that the long term relationships I create with these types of clients are more stable and fulfilling.” In this way Shane came to meet Joshua Ruskin and hooked up with his company Ruskin Consulting. Shane found that the marketing services Ruskin Consulting offers to be both substantial and genuine to the long term growth of the sties that Shane was building.

“I believe offering the best services possible is much more rewarding than just collecting a paycheck and moving on. I like my clients and the relationships I build with them much like Joshua. Joshua shares these same company values with me and so I eventually decided to work with Ruskin Consulting as both a web consultant and programmer.”

Aside from business Shane likes to travel the world with his wife and kid but California will always be his home. Shane was born in Campbell, California, fifteen minutes away from Google’s headquarters, and just like many others from that area, Shane fell in love with technology and the internet as a whole. Shane has been doing web design and development for the last 15 years and is very pleased to be able to offer his experience and skills to aid Ruskin Consulting in the process.