Marketing Manager

Thomas is a “jack of all trades” and makes so exception when it comes to online marketing. Thomas is currently in college studying programming and does a variety of essential tasks for online marketing. Thomas knows computer repair/maintenance, programming, graphic design, web design, SEO, and PPC. Thomas on his spare time also helps kids by tutoring them in science and math as well as help elderly people learn how to use their computer as well as fixing them when issues occur.

Thomas lives in Mill Valley, CA with his 3 dogs. He loves gardening and generally tries to live a healthy and active lifestyle. He rides horses, surfs, and travels when he gets time off from work and school. Thomas has been involved with Ruskin Consulting from near the very beginning and loves working with the team. Thomas has been a long time best friend of both Joshua and Jeremy and the three worked together early on to grow Ruskin Consulting into the company it is today.