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Idaho Style is a leading company for web design in Idaho with a highly skilled and competent team of graphic designers, web developers, and digital marketing managers. Here are the best 2021 Boise web design practices:

  • Ease of navigation

Navigation is one of the crucial aspects of website design. It is pivotal that you keep your website tabs and buttons as simple as possible to make it easily navigable and user-friendly. Make sure to categorize your options or limit the number of options on the homepage to seven or fewer.

  • High functionality

If there is one thing to learn from years of research and studies, that’s keeping a website design as simple and as easy as possible. Be it contact information, product or service information, or the about us page, it is critical to put your primary services on your home/main page and the call-to-action button on the upper right-hand corner of your site. One study found that even a perfectly functioning website can do poorly if it has a bad web design. You want your website to look easy to use, professional, and trustworthy. After all, a good web design goes a long way in promoting brand consistency and building credibility. As a pioneer web design company in Boise, we prioritize building highly functional websites.

  • Effective layout

Your web pages should provide your visitors with an excellent user experience to reduce abandonment rates. While the page designs can differ, it is always a great idea to stick to a general layout for consistency and cohesiveness throughout the website. Similarly, it is critical to design a page layout that looks and feels more consistent and familiar to your target audience as it encourages them to continue browsing.

  • Better SEO

Any website’s primary goal should be to promote the business interests, making it more important to have a good web design in place to do the work for you. From the website loading time to its design, layout, and content, you want your site optimized in every aspect to make it rank high in the SERPs.

It is not uncommon for web designers in Boise, ID, to get carried away with sophisticated designs and advanced technologies. While these may make you look good, some of these initiatives can hurt your site’s optimization. As a general rule, you need a simple, fast-loading, and optimized website driving more customers to your website and increasing conversion rates. Ranked as the best web design agency, we create a simple yet appealing website for our clients and help them build an unsurpassable online presence.

  • Optimal utilization of white space

The white space typically offers room for the website elements to breathe and look more appealing visually. It is also called the negative space and ensures that your website does not look too crowded or cluttered. A website with plenty of white space between elements prevents your visitors from feeling overwhelmed by its contents and causes them to stay on your site for long. We have a team of web developers in Boise, ID, highly talented in building the most visually alluring yet functionally unmatched websites.

Call Idaho Style at (208) 639-9867 to schedule a consultation for web design in Idaho with us. We are a full-service web design company, coming with budget-friendly packages and hundreds of positive reviews.

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