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Working as a web designer means that you have to embody the core concept of technology – evolution. A web designer of the early 2000s does not stand a chance in the present year. Beyond the technical viewpoint, a web designer has to deliver highly aesthetic sites that keep the site fresh and captivating. Some of these upgrades are critically essential because websites will not open seamlessly on specific devices and browsers without the necessary software integrations.

The latest web design trends


Web designers were limited to the platform’s typography for a long time. While graphic designers had the freedom of creating new fonts, web designers had to work in the restriction of the provided platform. Thankfully, changing typography tools such as CSS Grid and Flexbox allow web designers to create all sorts of font impressions. Here is how you will enjoy these new features for web design in San Diego:

  • Different font sizing
  • Different styles
  • Different weights
  • Assorted weights of the fonts
  • Additional characters

Progressive web app

A PWA is convenient for this mobile dominated generation. They offer users the same aesthetic and functionality of a mobile app, but on a regular browser. Users will enjoy the speed and lightweight usage in PWAs, as well as the enabled offline usability. PWAs are excellent for small sites such as ecommerce platforms.


Initially, web designers could only use static cartoon characters to add life to the site. These days, animated figures are hot picks for the new looking website. While it is not wise to fill a page with massive bandwidth illustrations, a few will add flair while maintaining the intended performance.

Another creative way of upping the illustration is the use of full-screen videos on the home page. It is an instant way of delivering a compelling visual story that will permanent fixture in the minds of users. JavaScript and CSS are a great way of adding lightweight elements to any part of the site.

Tools like Blender and Cinema 3D gives designers access to perfect blends of 2D and 3D animations. The result is a oneiric site that retains practicality while stepping into a developed tech future.

Color gradients

Color has always been readily available to web design in San Diego. Lately, CSS updates allow designers to use color gradients to highlight specific spaces within a page. A beautiful and well-selected backdrop will add an attractive overlay that will not dampen the content. Mach4 marketing has excellent resources in creating all sorts of color gradients, such as Photoshop Illustrator.

High definition colors with a striking impression is a huge part of an excellent website. This case is because web design has an intricate relationship with graphic design. Hundreds of online tools will help you in mixing and matching colors for the intended creative palette.


Engaging with the site’s visitors is one way of ensuring that they understand the site’s purpose. Include one animated pop up to trigger their attention towards specific areas of the website. Be sure that the pop-ups have proper timing an animation. There is a fine line between amicable interactions and utter irritation.

web design San Diego


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