Ruskin Consulting Application


This assessment is broken down into three components

1) Reading Comprehension

2) English Writing

3) Logic/Math

This page is the Reading Comprehension section of this assessment. You will read the following section about this job and answer questions to test your knowledge of what you have just read at the end of this Reading Section and then continue on to the Writing Section of this test.

Application Overview

Unlike most jobs that require you to email your resume and references, you will not email those. You will only need to do 2 things:

  1. Take this assessment and score at least 80% to show that you have strong reading comprehension, creative thinker, and have good English knowledge.
  2. Pass An Interview if you pass this assessment. This interview is a video interview over virtual meeting software. You will be asked various questions about your previous work history, why you want to work remotely, and what you are hoping to get out of working with us and learning Google Ads.

Requirements Overview

To do this job, you will need the following equipment (if you do not yet meet these requirements, it is alright, we offer reimbursement on initial equipment purchase):

  1. You must have reliable and stable internet of at least 10mbps.
  2. You must have a reliable computer/laptop.
  3. You must have a mic/headphones.
  4. You must have a PayPal account.

Independent Contractor

This job is an independent contractor position that is paid hourly. Everything you produce while being paid by the Company is owned by the Company and follows the Contract you will sign after completing the first 5 training modules.


Payment occurs bi-weekly. Hours must be submitted to your manager at the end of each week. Payment occurs through Paypal, so you must have a Paypal account. Payment will be in your respective currency (Philippine Pesos, Colombian Pesos, ETC).

The Company will pay all transaction fees on PayPal to get ensure you receive your full payment.


Before you begin your contract, you will need to complete a Training Program (20 Modules) if you do not already know Google Ads.

These Training Modules are done online. You will need to finish five modules per week.

You will also have to take an assessment after each Training Module. The purpose of the Training Program is to get you to know how to do Google Ads well and to get you Google Ads Certified. Ruskin Consulting is a Google All-Star Partner Agency. This means we are in the top 3% of all agencies. This Training Program is unpaid and lasts until you finish all 20 training modules, which usually last 3-6 weeks, dependent entirely on your comprehension of the material. Your knowledge will be assessed at the end of every Training Module. Once you complete your training and pass all your assessments for all 20 Training Modules, you will be considered knowledgeable with Google Ads well enough to work with the Company even though you aren’t Google Ads Certified yet. 

Skip Training

To skip training you will need to have passed the three following items:

  1. You pass the Application process: This Reading Comprehension Test, English Writing Test, Logic/Math Test & Interview
  2. You are Google Ads Certified: You have your Google Search Certification by Google already Completed.
  3. You pass the Ruskin Consulting Google Ads Overview Test with at least an 85% score.

If you do these three things, you can skip training and move either to the Probationary Period or possibly to Regularization. The point of doing all these is to prove you know Google Ads at least at an 85% level. The reason we do this is that we are a Google All-Star Partner agency, and we need to keep that standard.

Probationary Period

After you complete training, you will be on a paid probation period of 60 days. During your probationary period, you will be expected to work United States Hours (usually 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time), and you will be paid 15k a month (₱93.75 per hour).

This period will end when you do the following two things (to be completed outside of working hours):

  1. Finish five more additional training modules outside of work
  2. Pass the Google Ads Fundamentals Exam

Once you complete those training modules and exams as well as receive a favorable evaluation from the company you will be regularized.


As a regular contractor, you will get ₱20,000 a month (₱125 per hour). Further, you will be given five pay raise opportunities, all worth ₱10,000 a month extra.  I will break down the salary as follows:

  1. Attendance: If your attendance is good, and if you let your manager know when you will be late, or absent, you will get this bonus.
  2. Performance: If your hours are majority billable with a low percent of the unbillable time, you will get this bonus.
  3. Certifications: If you pass certain certifications (usually Google Ad Certifications), you will get this raise.
  4. Bonus Skill Sets: If you come into the Company with useful skill sets, or learn them during your contract, like Web Development, Design, Web development, or have excellent English/Spanish - you will get pay raises for these useful bonus skill sets.
  5. Seniority: After at least 6 months of regularization every January & June, you will be eligible for a ₱2,000 pay raise up to ₱10,000 total. Also, after 3 years and completion of all Seniority pay raises, you are eligible for a percent of company profits.

With all these bonuses and raises, you are eligible for ₱70,000/month plus company profits as an Online Marketing Specialist.

Our Purpose

The reason Ruskin Consulting exists is to help our customers get clients for their business.

We are very good at what we do and have been awarded Google “All-Star” Partner Status. Because of this, we have to maintain a high standard when doing our work. Our purpose is to get you to be an amazing online marketer to have the freedom to work anywhere you like and help businesses market themselves online.