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Irene | Valenti Matchmaking

  • Jonathan
  • March 15th, 2019
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As always I really enjoyed talking with you Joshua. Thanks for all your great feedback. Love how smart and sharp you are. Thanks for your time.

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Pablo | Digiboost

I met them through a mutual acquaintance and have been working with them ever since. They have the Production Q.A. and internal Project Management figured out. I can vouched for them since they’ve helped me scale my SEM/SEO/AdWords business. Great resource!

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Bryan | AlaMari Media

The website looks great and I have had lots of feedback.

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Jackson | Bay Web Works

Joshua and his team are fantastic. They save me on a daily basis. He is very knowledgeable about SEO, SEM, and analytics. His response time is excellent, which is very important for my business. I’ve seen real results on Google Adwords and SEO natural search engine ranking as well, thanks to his help. He is a good listener as well as a good consultant. When I give him as SEO challenge, he embraces the task with enthusiasm. Couldn’t ask for more.

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Lauren Keba | Continental Western Corporation

HI Joshua,

Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done so far! That chart you put together was awesome and spoke volumes of your work when I sent it on over to Rick. We are closing another week in the green.

I’m excited to see all the progress that you have made for us and I’m looking forward to getting the whole account up and functioning correctly.

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Michael | Allied Restoration Co.

Joshua is the man with a master plan.
He has been a great guy to work with. Keeps track of key analytic data that matters to small business. Ad network services, web user experience direction and general seo advice have all been very helpful.
I have recommended Ruskin Consulting to my peers, friends and other business owners with confidence.

Keep up the good work.

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Basel | Metro West Car Service

Wow don’t know where to start from I am so happy with this company they have done wonderful job. I never do any kind of reviews ever but this one I had to do it. because they have done a wonderful job for me. Thank you Josh.

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Jared | Math Mec

Ruskin Consulting has been awesome from day one. Josh has gone out of his way to work with us to explain all of the ins and outs of this “magical” PPC and Google adwords stuff to me as a non-IT person. More importantly, he is getting us RESULTS! We have seen dramatic growth in our website traffic and leads generated from our site since Josh has taken over. I would highly recommend Ruskin Consulting to anyone looking for these types of service.

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Ahmed | Decipher DM


This is great! I just went through it. I will prepare a presentation out of this. (From our custom proposals for $250 for our wholesale clients).


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Daniel | Custom A Design

I met Josh from Ruskin Consulting about 6 months ago. The digital marketing services Joshua provides is top-notch. I have worked with countless (yes, countless) SEO companies; some have been good but not GREAT… Until I found Ruskin Consulting!

The PPC work is outstanding and even though he is not the cheapest place in town it’s worth every penny!

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