Case Study Project Page

Harry Albers DDS

(Family and Cosmetic Dentristy)

Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Management. Santa Rosa Dental, aka Harry Albers DDS, a valued long-term client of Ruskin Consulting, originally came to us through a referral from an agency partner.

We took charge of the account with Ads and Analytics, achieving remarkable results. Our strategies boosted conversions and slashed cost per conversion and, most importantly, brought a wave of new patients to Harry Albers’s office. Now that’s the kind of impact we’re proud to make!

Growth and Impact

Conversion Rate increased by 500%

Click-through Rate increased by 320%

Cost-per-conversion decreased by 2000%

The Challenges

  • There were no negative keywords on the account creating a lot of wasted clicks.
  • Campaigns and Ad Groups were very broad and not targeting specific client for desired service.
  • Click through rates (CTR) was mediocre at 1.19% and weren’t at all focused on conversions which were hurting overall account performance.

The Solutions

  • Made a large Negative Keyword list on the account level
  • Broke up Ad Groups into highly concentrated groups (Noun/Verb strategy) that drastically increased click through rates and onversion rates.
  • Optimized keywords, ads, and targeting to get click through rates to 4.23% (well above Google’s average 3% click through rate) while maintaining the same average ad position (2.4)

Harry Albers DDS. 1100 Sonoma Ave E, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

We are delighted to share that Harry Albers expresses satisfaction with our services, emphasizing contentment with the results delivered, the quality of our services, and the promptness of our responses. Furthermore, the agency that referred work to us is equally pleased, particularly commending the punctuality of the referral payments.

This positive feedback underscores our commitment to excellence, timely communication, and reliable collaboration with both clients and partner agencies. We look forward to continuing to meet and exceed expectations in all aspects of our work.