How to Add Ruskin Consulting to Google Ads & Google Analytics

Account Access

Add our email account: [email protected].

The access we need:

  • Google Ads view-only access.
  • Google Analytics view-only access on the account level.
  • Google Tag Manager Account with view-only access.

Access as required:

If running Google Shopping campaigns:

  • Google Merchant Center account view-only access.

If the client is running ads on Bing:

  • Microsoft Advertising admin access.

Add to Google Ads Process:

  1. Login to Google Ads with the Admin Account
  2. Navigate to “tools and settings”
  3. Once the drop-down menu is open, select access and security
  1. Navigate to security and add the domain 
  1. Then navigate back to users, and press the blue add user button
  1. Add “[email protected]” as a view-only user

Add to Google Analytics Process:

  1. Open Google Analytics ( account with admin access
  2. On the bottom right, open the settings (Gear Icon) 
  1. Press Account Access Management 
  1. Press the blue add user button on the 
  1. Add “[email protected]” as a view-only users