August 15, 2022 Joshua Ruskin

15 White Label Marketing Tools Your Agency Needs

Every customer is unique, as is every digital marketing campaign, marketing strategy, piece of content you create, and every goal. If you work for or operate a digital marketing business, you understand the value of personalization. In light of this, you presumably employ white label marketing strategies that let you customize each new customer’s interaction with your marketing agency.

Whether internal company operations or client projects, every agency wants to manage its internet business effectively and seamlessly. Of course, as an agency owner, you want to concentrate the most on your team’s skills, such as paid search, web building, and SEO.

Many business owners and agencies today employ white label marketing solutions, enabling them to use their branding instead of the software’s logo and brand name. Using white labeling by agencies can help them build enduring bonds of loyalty and trust with their clients.

What is White Label Marketing?

White label marketing is often referred to as reseller marketing or white label digital marketing. White label marketing was created to aid businesses interested in digital marketing services but seeking another organization to handle it.

Who needs white label software?

Marketing organizations need to automate many repetitive tasks to service a large number of clients. White label tools are useful in this scenario. The ability to schedule posts, create reports, and manage material for social media on the same platform is considerably more practical.

White label software frequently doubles as an online workplace for teams working on web content, marketing, public relations, and social media.

What do white label tools do?

White label tools come with a variety of characteristics. A marketing company can use them to automate services related to digital marketing like:

  • Creating email templates
  • Generating leads
  • Gathering real-time website and landing page statistics
  • Managing PPC campaigns
  • Creating lasting connections with your consumers through multi-channel marketing initiatives.
  • Creating detailed reports for their clients and maintaining social media profiles.

Here are the tools your white label agency needs to have.


Reporting is one of the most crucial—and perhaps time-consuming—aspects of managing a digital marketing business. When you take on new clients, you are frequently required to report on any project-related data. Connecting the links across systems like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, HubSpot, and others may be a laborious process if done manually. Because of this, you would need to recruit more workers merely to gather data and create reports for your clients, and even then, it would only be done once a week or once a month. By enabling organizations and agencies to link various data sources and produce aesthetically appealing dashboards and reports that update in real-time, Databox has found a solution to this problem.

For instance, you want to compare the data from a client’s Google Ads campaigns to what they see in Salesforce and Google Analytics. To illustrate to your customer the business flow fueled by your efforts, you may integrate all three data sources and create a dashboard with pie charts, graphs, and funnels. The white labeling capabilities of Databox are particularly fantastic. You may easily add your agency’s logo and color scheme to your dashboards. These dashboards are given their distinct URLs after creation and update in real time, so your customer may be constantly aware of the status. This does away with the necessity for those unwieldy, unsightly spreadsheets. Additionally, these reports are templated and simple to repeat, which is helpful if you have many clients needing identical reports.


One of the most well-known white label marketing reporting products is DashThis. It enables you to compile all the data from your marketing platforms and generate reports automatically for customers.

You may manage many accounts simultaneously and send automatic email blasts with DashThis. The DashThis white label tool enables you to design customized marketing reports for your clients.

You can have all your KPIs and data at your fingertips with DashThis, thanks to its custom-data manager and 30+ related connectors. Hours of tedious work creating digital marketing reporting dashboards are finally history, thanks to its straightforward analytics dashboard solution.

Page One Power

For their partners, Page One Power provides white-label, high-quality SEO solutions that are link-focused. Their SEO solutions assist businesses like yours in achieving more customer growth in organic search (such as Google). They provide both individualized link placement and comprehensive SEO programs. White label services come with special discounts and advantages for SEO agency partners.


A web-based SEO package called SEMrush gives businesses tools to enhance both on- and off-site web optimization, do keyword research, analyze competitors, and more.

With the Agency Growth Kit, agencies can produce thorough white label SEO audits and reports that customers can access through a password-protected dashboard.

Any developing agency using white label services can benefit from the social media scheduler and other helpful features included in the Agency Growth Kit, an add-on for premium SEMrush customers.

Google Data Studio

When you need to create a white label social media report fast, Google’s free Data Studio is helpful. All that is required to use the platform is a Google account.

You may create your report manually using editable white label templates, such as a dashboard for a PPC campaign or one that measures website performance using Google Analytics data.

The tool’s primary feature is the ability to produce white label reports. You must associate your profile with sources to use the reporting automation. Data Studio connections support all services, including Google Ads, Campaign Manager 360, and Google Surveys. Additionally, you may create your connector or add dozens of partner connectors as the information sources.


This white label solution, despite its name, is more than just a landing page builder with 400+ templates. Additionally, Landingi offers a Pop-up creator that you can connect to well-known email marketing platforms like MailChimp, GetResponse, and FreshMail. White label agencies may use these tools with a funnel builder to provide a pre-made sales boosting solution.

The integration of Landingi with external marketing platforms is seamless. You may integrate the tool with CRM platforms, callback and chat services, analytics trackers, and other well-liked solutions in addition to the email platforms already mentioned.

The most appropriate platform is the white label option for digital marketing companies, and it allows you to build many picture libraries, sub-accounts, and landing sites.


White label marketing tools like HubSpot make it possible to provide comprehensive marketing services. In addition to becoming a household brand in inbound marketing, HubSpot also excels at providing various sales and marketing services, including marketing automation.

Its CRM aids in both sales and the creation of automated email processes. With HubSpot, you can access many sales and marketing tools in one location. HubSpot’s single drawback is the membership plan, which makes all the products slightly pricey.


You can plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on schedule using ProofHub, cloud-based project management, and collaboration platform. It’s a tool that tries to make managing your work life simpler.

With ProofHub’s white labeling capabilities, you have the choice of customizing your account to reflect the branding of your marketing firm in terms of color and theme.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is the “White Label SEO tool for everyone”. If that wasn’t persuasive enough, the platform supports these claims by providing a range of SEO and marketing-related tools in addition to white labeling, which enables you to maintain your brand in the eyes of your customers. You can use a domain that belongs to you or one that belongs to a client “without a single link to SE Ranking.” You may also select a color scheme that complements your logo, manage users, and receive reports delivered to your business email.

If you run an SEO agency, SE Ranking can help you save a ton of time. You may scale operations using the variety of tools provided by the platform without adding more employees or contractors for the task. The objective is to simplify your job, much like many of the programs on our list. With the whole SE Ranking package, you can do more for your clients in less time.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics offers white label marketing reports across several channels. You may alter them by selecting informational sources (such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Ads), widgets to show, logos, colors, and URLs.

Tracking various digital activities is made possible by Agency Analytics’ integration with more than 60 marketing services and technologies. Reporting is available on the effectiveness of PPC, email, social media campaigns, websites, calls, and other activities.

Marketing firms will value the white label tool’s commenting capability. You may clarify any element of your report to highlight accomplishments and offer suggestions for improvement.

The tools’ transmission of reports is automated. Thanks to the scheduling option, your customer or supervisor will get them daily, weekly, or monthly.


A white-label video creation tool for social media marketing is called Lumen5. With its assistance, you may produce films from your already-existing material and include them regularly in your marketing plan. Using artificial intelligence to analyze the text and combine the appropriate music, video, and graphics enables the automatic creation of white label social videos.

Changing parameters every time you create a film for a different firm may become problematic if you work for several clients. You may build Brand Presets in Lumen5 that have all these particular values. Then, all you have to do to get going is choose the appropriate selection. When collaborating with a team, you may invite as many people as you need to edit your movies, accelerating the process.

White Shark

White Shark has been created exclusively for businesses specializing in white label PPC or even local SEO and providing PPC advertising solutions. In addition to giving customers access to insights from Google products like Google Analytics and Adwords, White Shark also gives them the tools they need to create and manage comprehensive campaigns that provide results and increase marketing ROI, satisfying both you and your clients.


Similar to HootSuite and Buffer, Sendible is a social media management platform with a tasty twist. It is white label-friendly, allowing you to brand the product to appear as though your business made a significant investment in it. This system has scheduled publishing, keyword tracking, and measurement features with Hootsuite and Buffer. To guarantee your clients’ articles are up to par, Sendible also offers strong collaboration, workflow, and approval tools (and approved by the clients, if necessary).

With this solution, you may alter the user interface and domain name of your website, as well as the email alerts, so that they appear to be coming from you. One powerful feature of their white label system is that they will set up your own native social media publisher account so that they will prominently display your brand on all your clients’ postings. Although it may seem intrusive, Hootsuite and many other systems already do this, so there is no need to worry. Instead, that extra bit of branding can bring in new customers.


A white label marketing product called Monday aids in the project management of digital companies. The simple and user-friendly solution enables agencies to develop a high-caliber workflow quickly. On the tool, there are 200 ready-made templates. The solution also includes a user-friendly visual interface, so your team members can start using it immediately without training.

When the groups, items, sub-items, and modifications are synced, your team members will be alerted about project changes, workflows, and other projects. The team’s progress is shown through the status button, and you may follow changes on a single screen. To allow your team to track the projects, you may also alert them, contribute files, and create link boards.

Monday gives you resources to do jobs more quickly, save time, and effectively manage every aspect of your projects. Use calendars, Kanban boards, maps, timelines, Gantt charts, forms, workload graphs, and master spreadsheets to show your data in various ways.

Invoice Ninja

Let’s talk about money now. Every marketing work has a financial component, but ROI is not the focus here.

A white label web application for producing invoices and proposals, monitoring time, and collecting money is called InvoiceNinja.

Numerous financial services are provided through the white label platform. You can design branded invoices with InvoiceNinja, make unique invoice emails, get notifications when your customers see or pay bills, and produce reports.

You can automate your invoicing workflow with InvoiceNinja by auto-billing and auto-sending reminder emails.

Of course, it isn’t truly a platform for marketing. However, among the company’s more than 170,000 customers are marketing agencies. As an open-source platform, Invoice Ninja is backed by a sizable global development community, which undoubtedly positively impacts its prices.

Make your task more effective by using tools.

Some of these tools could be worth a try depending on the kind of agency you run and the clientele you have. Consider it an investment when debating whether or not to take on a platform for white labeling reasons. You should consider how the tool could affect your company. For example, might it make your operations more effective? Could it give your agency a more polished appearance? There is no danger in trying these out if the answer to either of those inquiries is “yes.”