Microsoft Advertising: What’s New in 2022

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2021 has been marked by innovation, reinvention, and unwavering commitment. While companies worldwide have been rebuilding, reorganizing, and adjusting to the new normal, our valuable

White Label Agency: Common Services We Offer

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One of the essential foundational elements of every brand or company is digital marketing. Additionally, white label marketing enables you to promote your company or agency while maintaining your brand identity.  Most digital marketing companies choose the “full-service agency” model, but many are unaware of the amount of work involved. By striving to offer services […]

What To Say When A Client Gives Negative Feedback

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Nobody enjoys receiving negative feedback, especially if you work hard to improve your customer service experience and don’t believe the complaint is justified. At this time, it is the negative feedback that allows your company to thrive. Feedback can take many forms, and understanding how to respond to negative feedback is essential. It could be […]

SEM: What You Need to Know

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On October 23, 2000, Google introduced AdWords, which revolutionized marketing. Brands spent millions on influencing consumer behavior. They didn’t have to because they could deliver their advertisements to people who were already looking for products similar to theirs using AdWords’ search-based ads. If you offered tennis shoes, all you would need to do is target […]

How Do Google Ads Affect the Success of a Business?

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Recent years have seen a significant change in the marketing industry, and Google Ads is one of the platforms responsible for this change. Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the best ways to pay for online advertising. Thanks to Google Ads, businesses can connect with anyone who uses Google to conduct online searches for information, […]

LinkedIn is Not Just a Business Profile

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We all think of LinkedIn as a social media platform for businesses and businessmen. But LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform; it offers a lot more for everyone. If you don’t see any results from your marketing efforts, it can often feel like a hassle and a waste of time (ROI). Fortunately, […]