February 12, 2023 Joshua Ruskin

Why Hiring White Label Agency Is Better than Freelancers

As a manager, you may need to delegate specific tasks or projects to concentrate on core business operations. This is where the idea of outsourcing comes into play. White-label agencies have grown in popularity for businesses to outsource their digital needs. These agencies provide a wide range of services under your brand name, providing your clients with a seamless and professional experience. This article will look at the advantages of using a white-label agency over other types of outsourcing, such as freelancers.

We will discuss expertise, dependability, scalability, consistency, and support and how a white-label agency can provide a more comprehensive solution for your company. So, whether you’re new to outsourcing or a seasoned pro, this article will provide valuable insights and assist you in making an informed decision about whether a white-label agency is the right fit for your company.

Factors to consider when deciding whether to hire a White Label agency or a freelancer.

Reliability and Dependability

Reliability is essential when deciding whether to hire a freelancer or a White Label Agency. Reliability can be hit or miss with a freelancer. With a White Label Agency, you can be sure of receiving timely responses, 24/7 customer support, and increased time efficiency.

Your experience with freelancing will vary greatly depending on the freelance professional. A freelancer may miss a deadline due to multiple ongoing projects, technical issues, or personal reasons. There is more dependability with White Label Agencies because there are adequate human resources to get jobs done.


Search engine optimization, email marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and other digital marketing services necessitate an ever-expanding skill set. When working with a White Label Agency, you are more likely to have access to premium skill sets and tools. Organizations must keep up with the latest digital marketing tools to stay competitive, and it is necessary to learn and upskill regularly in a constantly evolving field.

Working with a freelancer can be a pleasant experience if you are fortunate enough to work with a skilled professional; however, this is only sometimes the case. Every freelancer you meet will have a different level of experience and skill. This is why getting to know your freelance professional before hiring them is critical. This will also help you understand their strengths and weaknesses.


When looking for a freelancer or White Label Agency, you want a good job done at a reasonable price. Cost-effectiveness should be a key consideration in this regard.

White Label Agencies can frequently provide packages and offers that provide excellent value for your money. Freelancers may provide better value for money than companies due to lower overhead costs.

Operational Flexibility

White Label digital marketing agencies can provide a variety of retainer plans, subscriptions, and packages, giving them great flexibility. On more extensive operations, you are more likely to get more bang for your buck with an agency.

However, freelancers may not offer package deals depending on the freelancer you choose and their experience level. You can freely communicate with them outside of set office hours, receive faster responses, and receive additional consulting services. To prioritize your project, your team can work more closely with a dedicated freelancer.


Scalability is essential when hiring a freelancer or a White Label Agency. If and when you are looking to expand your business, you should select an option that will allow your company to grow.

White Label Agencies have the workforce to help operations scale more quickly. You can also take advantage of a package service. When working with freelancers, you may need more time and resources.

Ongoing Support

You want consistent and ongoing support to help you meet your goals. Many White Label Agencies have begun to provide customers with round-the-clock support.

You need to receive the customer service you expect when working with freelancers. Discuss revision times and support expectations with a freelancer before signing a contract to avoid this.

This will ensure that there are no surprises during your project’s completion. If you require ongoing regular support, you should work with a White Label Agency unless you work with a reliable freelancer.

Why Hire a White Label Agency?

If you run a digital marketing agency with a small team and limited resources, hiring a white-label agency is in your best interests. Outsourcing can benefit your company more than you think, and here’s how white-label services can help you.

Spend less money.

Most digital marketing firms sign up for white-label services for one apparent reason: to reduce their overhead costs. White-label agencies work on your clients’ projects as if they were employees and uphold your company’s standards when providing the services your clients require.

With these factors in mind, why hire and train a team when you can hire and train an entire team of experts for half the cost and effort? Furthermore, you are not required to retain their services once the project with your client is completed. As a result, you save money on paying people a full-time salary and providing them with the necessary benefits.

Spend less time on hiring and training.

Bringing in a person with specialized digital marketing skills is not only costly, and it can also be time-consuming. You must not only ensure that they have the skills your company requires, but you must also familiarize them with the company culture and work standards.

Enlisting the help of a white-label partner, on the other hand, can help you save time. There is no need to invest in training or recruitment, and they can work on the project without supervision if you provide the necessary data and instructions.

Expand your business without adding more employees.

Most digital marketing agencies begin small and only hire more people when business picks up and more clients arrive. The issue with this is that when business slows, they will be stuck with a larger workforce that has nothing to do, and they are essentially paying people to do nothing.

When they seek the assistance of a white-label company, this problem almost disappears. When you outsource your digital marketing projects to another company, you can get the job done while also growing your business without hiring more people. It is not only less expensive for your company, but it is also less risky.

Have satisfied clients

Telling your clients that you cannot do something can harm your business, and it not only harms your reputation but also puts you at risk of losing a loyal customer. Fortunately, if you have a white-label agency working for you, you won’t have to deal with this. You can satisfy your client’s needs and keep them happy by outsourcing the services your company cannot provide. At the same time, you can diversify your portfolio while avoiding the risk of losing regular customers.


You can expect a consistent communication channel from your white-label partner. Professional white-label marketing agencies generally adhere to a standard reporting and communication procedure discussed with the client initially. As a result, they are willing to report and communicate following your time zone. So, to provide expertise and increase their brand value as a service provider.

Though freelancing appears to be a cost-effective option in the early stages of outsourcing, you need more to scale further. On the other hand, choosing the right white-label digital marketing agency can help you scale consistently. Do you want to outsource your company’s efforts? Take a look at Ruskin Consulting. We provide a wide range of white-label services ideal for agencies of all sizes. We have a team of experts who can assist you with SEO, PPC Ads, content writing, web design and development, and other services. We collaborate closely with you to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.