Company Culture

Ruskin Consulting believes in doing exceptional work, paying attention to details, treating people right, being transparent, and always learning. We help small businesses grow their business through PPC, SEO, WordPress Development, and professional design.

We have run a profitable business for over 8 years. We are a collection of multiple businesses that collectively operate under one name.

Our organization has a flat hierarchy that encourages open communication. We have an open-door policy, and we call each other on a first-name basis with no sirs or madams.

  1. Open Communication

Employees are encouraged to ask any questions they desire.  As the saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry. You cannot be a “Yes Men”, and say “yes” to everything that is told. If you don’t know something that is being asked of you speak up and say so.

  1. Multi-Disciplinary

The Company invests in its employees and their growth and wants to keep them for a very long time. If for whatever reason the company switches gears and becomes more focused on Analytics or SEO versus PPC, everyone is expected to move with the company. If you are unable to move when needed then you are unneeded.

  1. Be Direct

Employees are encouraged to be direct at all times but be direct in a respectful manner. Being direct drastically cuts down on office drama and wastes time.

  1. Upholding Your Commitments

Your word is your bond.  Not upholding your commitments shows a very big weakness in your character. If you promise to do something, just do it.

  1. Empathy

You need to have empathy for both your clients and fellow coworkers.  Good communication with empathy is a must.  EQ is more important than IQ.  

  1. Growth

The Company is dedicated to each employee and personal growth.  With that in mind, the Company will reimburse you on books that relate to personal growth with the Company.  Please check the approved book list for books that the Company will provide. Further, the Company will also sponsor or pay in full certain events, seminars, and conferences the Company believes will benefit your personal growth.  You will need to submit the event in question and the Company will decide if it will sponsor or pay in full the event in question.