Pay Structure & Holidays

At Ruskin Consulting, we are transparent with pay scales, revenue, and other financial aspects within the company.

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As a regular contractor in the Philippines, you will get ₱20,000 a month (₱115 per hour) base salary, 12 sick days, and 10 US Holidays.  Further, you will be given monthly pay raise opportunities.  We will break down the salary as follows:

  1. Attendance: If your attendance is good, and if you let your manager know when you will be late, or absent, you will get this bonus.
  2. Performance: If a majority of hours are billable to a client; you will get this bonus.
  3. Certifications: You will get this raise if you pass certain certifications (usually Google Ad Certifications).
  4. Bonus Skill Sets: If you have other useful skill sets or learn them during your engagement, like Web Development, Design, Programming, or good English/Spanish, you will obtain pay raises for these bonus skill sets.
  5. Seniority: You gain seniority after a year and half of regular work. Every year past that, you get an additonal ₱5,000 seniority bonus.

With all these bonuses and raises, you are eligible for ₱100,000/month plus company profits as an Online Marketing Specialist.

Holidays we Observe:

  1. New Year’s Day, January
  2. Washington’s Birthday 3rd Monday in February
  3. Good Friday Friday right before Easter
  4. Memorial Day last Monday in May
  5. Independence Day, July
  6. Labor Day 1st Monday in September
  7. Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
  8. Veterans’ Day, November
  9. Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November
  10. Christmas Day, December 25

Health, Wellness & Learning Perks

We want everyone to grow professionally and personally. The benefit is reimbursement of 50% of either health & wellness or professional learning.

We offer the following perks for anyone working full-time hours with our team:

  • Any health and wellness services, products, or related offerings up to $50.
    • You can, of course, spend more, but we will cover up to $25. ($50 – $25 Ruskin Consulting & $25 You)
    • Yoga, Gym Membership, Home Workout Equipment, ETC
  • Any online course, conference, or other learning material related to our business ($150 – $75 Ruskin Consulting & $75 You)
    • Material can be related to Digital Marketing, PPC, SEO, WordPress, ETC
      We also offer to cover to 100% of books below $20.

These books can be related to self-improvement, marketing, business, personal finance, psychology, and other related topics that help you grow your career and grow the business.