3 Reasons to Use a Marketing Agency for Web Design to save You Thousand

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A website is the representation of the products and services that a business offers. It is where most people will interact with you for business. For example, if you do offline marketing, it will most likely send users to your website. Whether it’s about purchasing the product or leveraging services, a website is an important […]

Supercharge your Microsoft (Bing) Ads Campaigns with LinkedIn Audiences

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As we are nearing the middle of 2021, the goals of paid search advertisers are still the same: to reach the right audience at the right time and convert each click into a load or a sale.  One of the proven ways to do that is to integrate the unique LinkedIn targeting audiences that Microsoft […]

Drive More Leads from Search Ads Using Lead Form Extensions

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It’s frustrating to see ads on mobile because the screen is small, sometimes the connection is slow, and the customer’s attention is short.  All these factors form an inconvenient truth – mobile conversion rates are lower compared to those on desktop. There are different ways to improve mobile conversion rate and have more searchers to […]

Google is Officially Killing Third-Party Cookies

Cookies Google Killing Cookies with Google Chrome

On the 14th of January 2021, Google officially announced they are retiring browser cookies after announcing its intentions to do so a year ago. Google will join Firefox and Safari who blocked third-party tracking cookies by default in 2019 and 2020, respectively. However, unlike those browsers, Google intends to take a phased approach.  “Our intention is […]

Benefits of Working with a White-Label Agency vs. Building an In-House Team

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Marketing and advertising is no longer a simple game. It’s a team effort, with many different people in seats that offer unique skill sets. Agencies conclude that Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Ads, and other marketing efforts have to be managed by an external team.  These agency owners compare budgets, people management, expertise, and […]

7 Ways SEO and PPC Work Together

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Organic traffic or paid traffic, SEO vs PPC, the never-ending debate between which is better than the other.  Many people regard SEO and PPC as being separate marketing strategies and should be treated as such.  While search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising are very different modalities, the fact is that they are two sides of […]

The Ultimate Google Search Ad Writing Tips

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With only a limited number of characters to write a Google Search ad, you should be able to craft the best ad possible to convince users why they should choose you over the other businesses in the search engine results page (SERPs).  With Google’s $37.1 billion revenue from advertising in 2020, there should be at […]

Google is Now Hiding Search Terms!

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Google is at it AGAIN. ?  Google has been continually hiding reports from their advertisers! They claim it has to do with privacy, but I personally HIGHLY doubt it! ?  They are HIDING search terms because they don’t want us to know that advertisers, like us, pay for A LOT of worthless clicks. Google knows […]

Hiring in the Philippines

Hiring in the Hiring in the Philippines

Want to grow and scale your business? We highly recommend you move to the Philippines or at least hire Filipinos. In this third interview with my friend Orly Darnayla, we talk about hiring in the Philippines, internet connection, best locations on where you should start up your business, and much more. Summary • Find an […]

Search Terms: How to Choose Good Search Terms

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In this video, I talk about the first core concept of marketing: buying search terms in a live auction. Because you are paying for clicks, a good search term should lead to a paying customer. You would want to choose search terms closer to the bottom of the sales funnel. Examples: “Where to buy NordicTrack […]