April 8, 2016 Joshua Ruskin

7 Reasons Why Businesses Need SEO(Search Engine Optimization)



Almost every business imaginable can benefit from having SEO done to their website. It establishes yourself as a business, gives you high-quality traffic, can be left on autopilot and doesn’t cost you a dime. Below are just seven reasons why you should immediately do search engine optimization for your website:

  1. It’s FreeSEO is completely free! If that doesn’t immediately grab your attention I don’t know what will. SEO does require work and you may want to hire an SEO expert, but the costs are much smaller than almost any other advertising platform. Further, SEO is continuous without having to do any more work and if you do it correctly the return on investment and the new clients you can generate with SEO are almost unlimited. Lastly, once you have your on-page and off-page SEO setup you can essentially leave it on autopilot generating you leads for free.
  2. Builds Branding CredibilityYour website is like your online business card. You can have the best looking website/business card and offer the best services for a great price, but it’s meaningless unless people see your website. Search Engine Optimization will establish your business as both credible and an authority in your industry. If your business is positioned highly on Google or the other major each engine, like Bing and Yahoo, your business becomes an authority in your industry for consumers. Whether or not you like it people trust search engine results; people will unconsciously think the companies that show up highest on Google are the best and most trusted companies. Think about that for a second. If you are looking for a dentist in Los Angeles and the “perfect” dentist is on page 10 you will NEVER find that dentist. The vast majority of people will never go past page one on search result pages. You, as well as every other consumer, are going to automatically associate the top showing businesses as the leaders and best choices in that industry. Therefore, it becomes essential for your business to have good SEO work done for your website so you can established yourself as a credible business and a top choice for consumers.
  3. #1 Market BaseAccording to ‘Bing Facts for Advertising’ in 2012 desktop and mobile accounted for more than one-third of all media consumption. The average adult in the US spent 255 minutes a day online. Further, 73% of all consumers in the US said they use Internet search engines to find local businesses! Search has quickly overtaken television, radio, and newspaper. While television, radio, and newspaper continue to decline or gain ground at a snail’s pace online search is growing rapidly as more and more people spend time online and gain access to internet devices like tablets and smart phones. Print is dead and search is now the number one market base to find your customers and this trend will continue for a long time to come. If you haven’t yet, it’s time for you to go where your customer’s are and have your business show up on these search engines.
  4. Generates High-Quality CustomersUnlike television or radio where you hope that the audience watching or listening is interested in your service or product SEO lets you target the keywords that guarantee your audience is looking for your service or product. Keywords like: dentist in Los Angeles, home water damage contractors, and couples therapist in San Francisco are intent-based marketing. Every other marketing platform tries to interrupt people’s attention with ads so people have become conditioned to ignore you when you interrupt them with your advertising. SEO is meant to be helpful, after all Google & Bing want to give user’s exactly what they are looking for, so providing your information and website (as long as it’s relevant) is actually helping people find what they are already looking for. It’s a win-win and guarantee’s that your SEO efforts generate high-quality customers for your company.
  5. Measurable & Actionable DataWith SEO you can collect meaningful data to optimize your website as well as your marketing efforts. If you have a really good landing page that converts, meaning it is very good at turning your leads into clients, you can use that ‘sales pitch’ in your advertising! Further, you can discover who your customer’s are: their age, sex, location, and what their interests are as well as a plethora of other meaningful data. Further, this data is actionable and you can find other websites to go on to target your ideal customer. You can find what your clients are typing into Google that gets them to convert into paid customers. With this arsenal of information you can fine-tune your sales funnel and business strategy which will greatly benefit your business.
  6. On-Going & Great ROISEO offers the best ROI of probably any other marketing platform known to man. With an ever expanding reach the ROI is basically limitless. However, SEO is a long-term commitment and isn’t something you should expect to start generating you a high revenue within a couple of months. Google wants to know you are credible so they want to know you are “in it to win it” before they put you on top of their search results. Aside from that, the benefits of SEO are ginormous. Remember, you don’t have to set a budget (because SEO is free!) and once you achieve your rankings the clicks keep on coming. There is no denying good SEO will boost your sales because if you position your business in front of the right audience you will get customers. Just imagine having an automatic customer-generator that can be left on autopilot. SEO delivers on that and has an almost indefinite lifespan. Further, the great thing about SEO is that this customer-generator is free and works around the clock to deliver you new clients for your business. With such great and on-going ROI your business can’t afford not to do SEO.
  7. Helping PeopleIn an age where everyone is trying to interrupt you and steal your attention isn’t it refreshing to be actually helping people find what they are looking for and solve their problems! With SEO you are solving people’s problems and not trying to distract them to sell them things they aren’t looking for. Further, linking your website to Google Analytics provides you a plethora of data that can also make your customers happy J. By looking at what keywords drive your engaged traffic versus which keywords lead to users clicking the dreaded back button you can focus your SEO efforts to align your business to your clients’ needs. That should, in essence, be your ultimate goal because as a company you should be putting your client’s needs before your own. You can also use your SEO data in Google Analytics to see which webpages your customer’s don’t like and which ones they do giving you the data to further optimize your website to be helpful to your customers. By tracking your customer’s and their actions, you will have the ability to create a better customer user-experience adapted to your clients. Getting new clients and keeping your current clients happy will ultimately make your business a success.