February 6, 2021 Joshua Ruskin

Benefits of Working with a White-Label Agency vs. Building an In-House Team

Marketing and advertising is no longer a simple game. It’s a team effort, with many different people in seats that offer unique skill sets. Agencies conclude that Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Ads, and other marketing efforts have to be managed by an external team. 

These agency owners compare budgets, people management, expertise, and time spent. The ultimate goal is to reduce overhead, increase profits, and keep the highest level of client satisfaction and results. 

Each agency looks to outsource considers where they want to build and how they want to develop the team. These agencies look at: 

  • International employees
  • International Freelancers 
  • White-Label Agencies 

Here are the reasons your agency should think about hiring a white-label agency to service your clients within your agency: 

You Get Credit 

The most important part is the clients you land are your clients! This means your name is responsible for any of the excellent work and even lousy work. 

As a white-label agency, we are your backend support. You’re able to build your reputation and brand within your area. You are keeping clients, winning awards, and making clients happy. Plus, you’re able to leverage our skill sets, get specialized support, and use our unique tools and reporting. All the while saying that those tools are part of your servicing. 

It’s a win-win situation.  

Time Efficient 

As a white-label agency, we can jump right into Google Ads or other marketing conversion and start building a strategy. We’ve seen hundreds of agency workflows and thousands of companies. 

As an agency, we have the expertise. We don’t require any training, instead of starting the hiring process for an employee on your team – waiting for CVs, organizing interviews, doing onboarding for the training period, managing fees, and the other stresses. 

In the end, it’s always more efficient to hire an external agency. Employee training, turnover, and other internal processes can slow down getting to clients’ needs. The employees take lunch, need breaks, and waste time. In contrast, an agency will bill for only billable hours. 


As an agency, you’re likely dealing with razor-thin margins. Clients always have scope creep, and there are still budget limitations. If you’re looking at freelancers or hiring employees, you’ll have to budget for tools, software, and other needs to help your team members achieve the right results. 

Average prices for freelancers and employees is often higher than an agency: 

  • Freelancer (mid-level to higher-level): $100 to $150+ /hr 
  • Employee (entry-level to mid-level): $25 to $50/hr plus benefits 

A white label agency offers better rates, fixed pricing, and even partnership splits:

  • White-Label Agency Hourly: $50 to $75 /hr 
  • White-Label Agency Fix Cost: $600 to $1000 /month 
  • White-Label Agency Partnership: 50/50 Split on a monthly retainer 

In almost every case, hiring a white-label agency will be more affordable than hiring an employee that works 40 hours a week or a freelancer that will bill for any work done. The employee pay of $25 could ballon well into the $50 range when you add healthcare, 401k, and other benefits. A mid-level employee could jump to $75 an hour quickly with every benefit added into the package.

Our agency, similar to others, only bills for billable hours. This means more money in your agency’s pockets. 

Robust Skill Set

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO. These are all different channels. It’s important to know that no one person can have every skill necessary to tackle every client’s needs. 

As an agency, we have a team of experts and professionals ready to help your clients. We have copywriters, designers, data analysts, and Google Ad experts. It’s hard to hire one person to tackle multiple disciplines. 

If you’re hiring for two positions, a white-label agency could take the work and do it at less cost but with the same level of expertise. 

Result Driven 

Like any other agency, we are results-driven. We understand that clients want success, they want new leads, and they want revenue. If you look at freelancers or employees, you may run into different results. 

Agencies focus on sales and have the ability to overflow work to others. We track results to make sure your clients are making money. Pressuring an employee to complete tasks with a quick deadline will end badly. The work will be shoddy, or the employee/freelancer will be interested in looking at other opportunities. Not being able to deliver on timelines may turn a relationship sour. 

As an agency, we are motivated by the results and the success stories so you can earn more business. 

New Service Offerings 

Bringing a white-label agency means you’ll be able to sell any of their services to your clients. You’ll be able to expand services without having to add overhead or hire a large team to service that new department. 

If you’re a branding and design agency, you could start offering marketing services such as Google Ads or Search Engine Optimization. The white-label agency will supply the process, tools, and results. Your agency works on growing the relationship while the back end work is done. 

Final Thoughts

There are many pros and cons to growing an agency, whether you’re using an in-house talent or outsourcing work. In the end, you have to do what is best for your business and your clients. We posed all the benefits of working with an agency we’ve seen over the years. 

We offer no-risk assignments along with no-risk startup offers. This allows you to see our work and value to your agency. We will take any client, start working and if we show results, which we will, you pay at the end of the month. If we don’t show results, don’t pay us. Simple as that. 

If you are interested in working together, head over to our contact page to schedule a consultation with one of our marketing experts.