August 2, 2022 Joshua Ruskin

Why You Need Google Business Profile

Billions of people use Google daily to look for a range of information, including a nearby coffee shop, home improvement advice, fashion trends, celebrity news, and much more.

You can increase your visibility to customers looking for your goods or services using Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business. 

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is, in essence, a digital phonebook.

Online directories like Google Business Profile help you reach potential consumers who would not otherwise know how to find you. Google Business Profile makes your business easier to discover on Google.

When someone searches for your company name or a similar phrase, your business listing will appear among other nearby businesses using the free Google Business Profile feature. Potential clients can access your business’s information on one simple screen, including your phone number, website, address, review ratings, hours, and more.

Given that a wide variety of people are using Google, this audience can view and access your profile. The more visible you are, or the more frequently your company appears in search results, the more likely people will notice you. It’s a creative and useful replacement for traditional advertising.

Benefits of Google Business Profile 

Promote your business on Google Maps to increase sales.

Even though a fast Google search might be useful for reducing alternatives, 86 percent of users utilize Google Maps to find local companies. This is especially true for customers using mobile devices. You’re more likely to close that transaction when it’s easier for clients to visit your business if they discover you nearby.

Additionally, consumers who discover a brand through its Google Business Profile are up to 50% more inclined to buy something. Your shop location will start to show up for local searches in Maps by simply creating a Google Business Profile listing and completing the verification process.

Manage the information for your online company.

You may manage and change your contact information, company hours, and other crucial information as necessary on your Google Business Profile page.

You can utilize updates to announce service expansion, temporary closures, or complete reopenings (an especially useful feature during emergencies like COVID-19 measures). Because Google Business Profiles have effective local SEO, the data you give will rank above external websites that could include outdated information.

Google Business Profile aids in fostering client trust.

Today, one of the largest challenges for customers is gaining enough confidence in a company to make a purchase.

Did you know 41% of brick-and-mortar buyers read reviews before making a purchase? The easiest thing you can do as a company owner to increase sales is to provide them with a link to your Google Business Profile.

Customers are roughly three times more likely to view businesses that appear on Google as trustworthy.

This is primarily because the Google Business Profile verification procedure validates which businesses are real and stops spam from appearing. Google is one of the most trusted sources online.

Insights That Help You With Information

A key factor in your Google rankings is your Google Business Profile. It not only advertises your goods or services, but it also aids in your market research. Google continues to demonstrate that it is in charge.

How is it even possible?

Powerful tools included in Google Business Profile give you information on crucial topics to help you develop plans and make choices. You may use this tool to acquire data and insights that can help you identify the origin of your audience.

    Google Business Profile may display the number of views that your company profile, images, and posts have received. This is crucial to determine if your efforts are successful and garner the attention you desire or whether they fail to generate revenue for your company.

  1. Search Term Query
    Google Business Profile offers a report in which you may discover and comprehend how customers reach your company. It displays how people look for your listing, including its terms.

    Knowing which keywords to use will dramatically increase traffic to your website. For instance, you may effectively increase clicks to your web pages by dominating relevant long-tail keywords, and Google Business Profile can offer this data.

  1. Engagement
    You can see exactly how your audience responds to your content using Google Business Profile. You may check out the posts they share and the comments they leave, giving you a sense of effective content for your company.

  1. Audience
    You may discover an overview of the profiles of the individuals who follow you on Google Business Profile. You may examine their ages, genders, and even the nations they come from. All of these are beneficial when creating a campaign.

  1. Clicks on Website Link
    Did you know that Google Business Profile can also show you how many people have clicked on the link to your website?

    You may develop solid tactics by quantifying the data and being aware of these numbers. Take some time to analyze the data if you want to increase website traffic, audience engagement, and business revenue.

Teaches You More About Your Customers

It goes without saying that the more you understand your clients, the more effectively you can appeal to them. You can access a multitude of insightful information by going to the Insights area of your Google My Business page. These metrics describe your brand’s prominence, your target consumers, and how they interact with your company.

This is an effective method of evaluating your company’s performance so you can focus on what’s effective. You may adjust and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing plan by understanding more about the types of clients your company is luring.

Free Advertising

Running a Google Ads campaign is a terrific method to dominate Google, but when it comes to maximizing your Google Ads budget, it might be easier said than done. The other option is to raise your SEO; this strategy requires time and money to increase your authority and position.

On the other hand, a Google Business Profile listing provides a quick and cost-free method of online promotion. You receive targeted visibility on the most dependable search engine in the world with Google Business Profile, and it’s free. Optimizing your profile takes less time than launching a successful sponsored search campaign. A strong local SEO strategy also depends on having an accurate and up-to-date listing.


The basic first step in increasing your internet presence, which may make or break your business, is establishing your Google Business Profile page. It may be difficult for a small business to keep up with the daily modifications to search engine rankings and algorithms. Investing in your continuously changing online presence is essential in today’s more digital and dynamic world, whether you try to keep up with the changes yourself or employ a company to carry out your SEO plan.

Local companies may easily market their goods and services online thanks to Google Business Profile’s increased exposure and increased likelihood of appearing in search results. It might make it easier for potential clients to locate and get in touch with you. You may use it as a free tool to enhance your internet profile, engage with your clients, and raise sales for your company.

A Google Business Profile account may be created quickly and needs little upkeep once active. If you’re pressed for time, you may also engage a marketing partner to assist you with your Google Business Profile. In either case, we know that Google Business Profile is a crucial component of your marketing strategy rather than something that’s just nice to have.

With response boxes, similar queries, and results in the suggestion drop-down menu, Google’s search results are getting increasingly comprehensive. Google Business Profile offers local businesses an increasing number of advantages. Set up your profile right away to start receiving them!