October 22, 2020 Joshua Ruskin

Google is Now Hiding Search Terms!

Google is at it AGAIN. ? 

Google has been continually hiding reports from their advertisers!

They claim it has to do with privacy, but I personally HIGHLY doubt it! ? 

They are HIDING search terms because they don’t want us to know that advertisers, like us, pay for A LOT of worthless clicks.

Google knows they have many irrelevant search terms, and they have been making keywords broader each year. Google only values its profits! They chose profit over YOU and YOUR customers.  

So what can you be doing to combat this?

  • USE more EXACT match keywords
    • Instead of using phrase match, broad match modifier, or broad match keywords, we use more EXACT match keywords to prevent Google from matching to low-intent search terms. 
    • We are taking a proactive approach by using more negative keywords to avoid irrelevant clicks.
  • USE BING to help with the missing pieces 
    • Using Bing’s search term report to find irrelevant clicks and optimize while adding bad search terms to Google’s Negative Keywords. 

Always REMEMBER Google cares more about themselves than you or your clients!

Here at Ruskin Consulting, we COMBAT Google’s self-serving practices with lots of keyword research and bidding strategies we developed in-house. Our bidding strategies SERVE YOU, the CLIENT.  

If you have any questions or would like a further detailed explanation of what Google is doing to its advertisers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Ruskin Consulting has your back. We would love to help you out with a free consultation.