February 8, 2020 Joshua Ruskin

Search Terms: How to Choose Good Search Terms



In this video, I talk about the first core concept of marketing: buying search terms in a live auction. Because you are paying for clicks, a good search term should lead to a paying customer. You would want to choose search terms closer to the bottom of the sales funnel.

“Where to buy NordicTrack 2000” vs. “the best way to lose weight.”

“emergency dentist near me vs. what’s the best way to straighten my teeth

Caveats when buying Search Terms:

  1. Use jargon that regular customers can understand, like using a dentist instead of an orthodontist. Don’t think like a business owner, think like an actual customer.
  2. Just because something is a good search term, it doesn’t mean it will also be the right search term for your business.